About NAA

About New Africa Analysis

Welcome to New Africa Analysis, your independent news magazine covering events of importance in Africa. We strive to be a force for change in the continent. We do this by supporting democracy, fighting corruption and reflecting the hopes and aspirations of Africans.

We bring the latest news from Africa as it happens from a progressive perspective. New Africa Analysis provides essential reading for all those interested in progress in Africa.

Fifty years of independence, yet Africa is spoken of always in pessimistic terms. Africa, perhaps, can be compared to a delinquent child who refuses to change his ways because he thinks whatever he does would not be appreciated. Which is where we come in; we report the genuine efforts African Governments and their peoples are making to strengthen democracy and its institutions, grow their economies and improve the standards of living of their peoples.

There is, indeed, progress to report from Africa. For the first time in decades, the IMF reports sustained rates of economic growth and rising income levels in Africa. Increasing levels of foreign and domestic investment, strengthened support from development partners, and sound economic policies are bearing fruit bar the threat from the global economic meltdown.

On the other hand, to give some sense of balance, we report on the dinosaurs and haters of democracy and progress in the continent who sometimes will rather kill and torture their own people using state machinery; make them starve and die of hunger and malnutrition and disease, instead of succumbing to the aspirations of their peoples.

Additionally, we report on the activities of aid agencies operating in the continent. We will continue to outline what is being done to improve the plight of the poor and needy that these agencies aim to serve and look at issues of aid delivery, and administrative costs within these organisations and bring news on new projects.

New Africa Analysis investigates and comments on the activities of the International Monetary fund, the World Bank and other relevant financial bodies. The impact of the policies of such institutions on African economies is assessed.

We continue to probe the workings and policies of the United Nations, European Union, African Union and other relevant groups looking at the effectiveness of their policies in benefiting Africa and constantly considering the effectiveness of their interventions.The processes of government in African countries are also explored. We look at established and emerging democracies and the various fights against the corruption that has plagued Africa. We scrutinise those African countries that do not have democratic processes and report on their politics.
The health of Africans is discussed, focussing on prevention and treatment of illnesses and diseases. We constantly report on areas of concern and the measures being taken to address them. We look at health needs that remain unmet and the plight of the poor and needy and their difficulties accessing basic healthcare.

New Africa Analysis examines the state of education in Africa, the access issues that prevent so many Africans from formal education. We look at current educational provision and standards within individual countries and policies aimed at improving education for all.

We discuss current events, emerging troubles, important talks/meetings and visits by world leaders. We aim to fully inform and engage our readers in order to enable them to reach their own conclusions on our stories.

New Africa Analysis is produced by a group of Africans in London, supported by a circle of interested Europeans. We have a network of journalists, policy analysts, seasoned academics and independent researchers in Africa, Europe and the rest of the world. This is to ensure that the quality of information and comments are insightful, interesting and topical.

We are mindful that our task is enormous. However, we are quietly confident that together with our partners and supporters we can do it.