Africa’s Progress Belongs to Africa

Africa’s Progress Belongs to Africa

by / Comments Off / 19 View / 1st May 2014

African development is more effective when lead by African states and citizens, the new findings from the Overseas Development Institute shows. The research identifies countries for their growth in agriculture, health care, education and sanitation.

The report calls for a new outlook in development as it identified effective leadership, smart policies, institutional foundations and international partnerships as crucial roles. Results show that without the backing of Presidents Rawlings and Kagame transformations in Ghana and Rwanda would not have happened.

In many countries progress has been achieved through governance reforms that have strengthened local institutions. This has not only helped improve service delivery but enabled a more effective revenue collection and management of public finances.

Effective international partnerships have shown to help with development as better communication of knowledge and technology is shared, from this stronger international trading relations and diplomatic interventions was reported.

Ghana has proved a star performer with its cocoa market helping agricultural growth. The country has showed sustained progress for more than two decades and is also on track to have rates of poverty and malnutrition halved by 2015. Along with Uganda, Ghana is now beginning to face challenges more common in developed countries. These include environmental degradation, ageing populations and non– communicable disease.

A sustained government commitment and increased suspending has helped Ethiopia to significantly improve its access to education because of this primary school enrolment rates have risen by more than 13 million since 2005, this has also been helped by the removal of school fees.

According to a newly published global report Malawi’s recent progress in providing economic stability and decreasing inflation rates suggest a promising future for the country. Malawi along with Benin and Burkina Faso has produced impressive results and continued sustainability is all that is needed for future development.

ODI director Alison Evans said: ‘The world’s perception of Africa needs to change and we hope this report will show a continent making great strides towards a brighter future.’