BlackBerry BBX brings new tech platform to Africa?

BlackBerry BBX brings new tech platform to Africa?

by / Comments Off / 37 View / 1st May 2014

Research In Motion has recently launched the new BlackBerry BBX to the market, a new combination of the tablet and Smartphone. They are hoping that this new product will unite the BlackBerry platform with QNX to provide a new technological platform.

BlackBerry DevCon have said, ‘Our next generation mobile takes the best of both platforms to connect people, devices, content and services.’ As well as this, RIM have announced a series of developer tool updates available to customers, including WebWorks for both BlackBerry Smartphones and tablets.

Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at RIM said, ‘With nearly 5 million BlackBerry apps downloaded daily, our customers have made us one of the most profitable platforms for developers.’

With around two million BlackBerry handsets in South Africa – roughly 70% of the local Smartphone market- this indicates an opportunity for technological growth within other African communities provided reasonable, affordable contract packages are made available to all; something that  networks like Airtel, have strived to achieve in Ghana and Nigeria.

This tablet orientated, multi-touch operating system is a comprehensive design enabling powerful real-time mobile experiences that directly distinguish the quality of BlackBerry products and services.

BlackBerry cloud services will also be supported in this, and will crucially provide a developmental environment for native developers; which will offer a huge opportunity for growth across the African continent.

BlackBerry’s new combination of both Smartphone and PlayBook tablet will also include the new BlackBerry Cascades UI Framework that enables advanced graphics capabilities and ‘super app’ capabilities. It will also support applications developed using any of the tools currently available for the BlackBerry PlayBook; including Native SDK, Adobe AIR, Flash and WebWorks, HTML5.

It has been said that developers who want to continue supporting both the existing Smartphone and the existing PlayBook tablets, can convert applications from both of these platforms with BlackBerry WebWorks.

Despite recent service issues across the network,  the company is now well positioned for future growth. It is hoped that in the near future not only will South Africa be known as the BlackBerry country,  other areas in Africa will benefit from this technological growth.