DRC: Calls for investigation over activist's death

DRC: Calls for investigation over activist's death

by / Comments Off / 28 View / 4th June 2010

Amnesty International (AI) has called on the government to launch a thorough, impartial and independent investigation into the death of one of the country’s leading human rights activists. The UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has also called for an independent investigation.  A senior UN investigator said the death of  Floribert Chebeya Bahizire ‘strongly suggest official responsibility.

Bahizire was found dead early on Wednesday 2nd June after being summoned by the police in the capital Kinshasa the previous day. He was the executive director of one of the country’s largest human rights organisations Voix des Sans Voix (VSV) and of the national network of human rights groups.

‘We are stunned and appalled by the suspicious death of such a prominent and respected human rights defender,’ said Veronique Aubert, deputy director of AI’s Africa Program. ‘Floribert has been arrested and harassed by the authorities in the past. It seems he may have paid the ultimate price for his valuable work.’

Amnesty says Chebeya on several occasions had informed that he felt he had been followed and that he was under surveillance by the security services.

On the morning of Tuesday 1st June, Chebeya received a telephone call requesting his presence at the office of General John Numbi, the general inspectorate of police in Ligwala, Kinshasa. He left his offices at 5pm to go to the inspectorate.

Chebeya was in phone contact with his family until just after 9pm that fateful day. Just before 8pm he sent a text message to relatives saying he had not yet met with Numbi but was still waiting at the inspectorate. His body was found by passers by early on Wednesday in a suburb close to his home.

‘The government must urgently investigate this cold blooded murder and prosecute those responsible,’ said Aubert. ‘Those who defend the rights of others must be allowed to continue their work free of harassment and persecution.’

Amnesty says it has observed in the past year increased oppression of human rights defenders in the DRC, including by illegal arrest, prosecution, phone threats, repeated summoning to the offices of the intelligence services.

‘Floribert’s death is a great loss for the human rights community,’ said Aubert.