Ethiopia: Observing Day of the African Child

Ethiopia: Observing Day of the African Child

by / 1 Comment / 39 View / 15th June 2010

Ethiopia is observing the 2010 African Children’s Day to be celebrated tomorrow 16th June, with a call to better respect of children’s rights.

The day is being observed at national level in Hawassa town located some 260 kilometres south of the capital Addis Ababa.

Hawassa was selected to host the Day of the African Child as it is known across the continent because the region harbours many orphans and disadvantaged children.

This year, the day is being observed across the continent under the theme; ‘Let’s support children ourselves and respect their rights.’

The country’s ministry of women’s affairs and various organisations working on children’s rights are organising a national forum where issues related to children’s rights and their problems will be discussed.

The forum will also discuss how to help country’s orphans and disadvantaged children living in different parts of the nation.