Fighting Corruption on a Daily Basis

Fighting Corruption on a Daily Basis

by / 4 Comments / 38 View / 28th May 2010

It is good to see and refreshing to know that fighting corruption is at the top of the Agenda of many African countries. Angola, accused of not complying with international rules on the issue, has finally approved a law against money laundering.

For a country that was in ’09 among the 18 most corrupt nations this attempt to guarantee transparency is an important step forward.

In Burundi, on the other hand, there have been some concerns raised during the last communal elections, held Monday 24th May after twice been rescheduled. Opposition parties are accusing the ruling party of fraud and poll-rigging and are therefore urging the national electoral commission to organise new elections.

The ruling party (CNDD-FDD) is accused of having deliberately postponed the date twice to intimidate voters; to have distributed money to people at polling stations and even to have taken some ballots home returning them the day after the elections.