Ghana: Political Leaders Support Africa’s Green Revolution

Ghana: Political Leaders Support Africa’s Green Revolution

by / 4 Comments / 53 View / 6th September 2010

A group of senior political Parliamentarians have shown their support for former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s call to action at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF). African politicians, farmers, scientists and financial institutions all met on Tuesday 2nd September to discuss the ways in which the continent may promote investment and support policies that will increase agricultural efficiency and income growth in an environmentally sustainable manner. Discussions concluded on Saturday 4th.

The AGRF agreed to pool resources and efforts by scaling up projects and investment for agricultural growth. This will also embody itself in the empowerment of women throughout the agricultural chain.

In addition, government and regional organisations including the African Union and AGRA have agreed to conduct peer review assessments to ensure that new policies are implemented as soon as possible.

The Forum which was co-chaired by Anan and H.E. John Atta Mills, President of Ghana – attempted to devise ways in which Africa could accelerate agricultural development as a means of increasing overall productivity.

This is the first time the AGRF was held in Africa. At the venue in Accra last Wednesday, Akin Adesina, executive co-producer of the AGRF, said, ‘tomorrow we take a big step towards achieving an African Green Revolution that will boost agriculture across Africa. We are delighted to welcome high-level government and private sector decision makers who together will make concrete commitments on sustainable investment in Africa’.

Earlier this year, Annan said, ‘we will be looking to governments for leadership to create an environment that will enable agriculture to prosper and grow and we will be looking to the private sector to drive and sustain that growth.’

Annan was awarded the Borlaug Medallion by the World Food Prize Foundation on Friday, in recognition of his contribution and commitment for improving food security in Africa. ‘It is a great honour to receive this award in my home country Ghana. We are making great strides in putting farmers and agriculture at the centre of our development,’ said Annan.   ‘Public and private partners working closely together to transform Africa’s agriculture to benefit smallholder farmers and increase food security and nutrition in Ghana and across the continent’, he added.

The endurance of pledges and commitments will also prove to be vital in the long run. Analysts maintain that Africa’s green revolution could be an important channel through which countries may master their resources and develop their future agricultural bases.

“The time for action is now. For as you leave this forum, you are carrying upon your shoulders the vibrant hopes of a generation and a continent. We will not dash the dream of the African farmer,”said Mr Annan. ́”With our hands on the plough, we will till this beautiful land’s soil together, and help Africa reap a bountiful harvest.”