Kenya: Challenges Britain to increase Somalian funding

Kenya: Challenges Britain to increase Somalian funding

by / 1 Comment / 22 View / 28th July 2010

The nation is challenging Britain to take the lead and increase funding and support to Somalia, saying that was the most important issue in the Horn of Africa region at the moment.

President Mwai Kibaki told visiting United Kingdom Minister for Africa and Commonwealth Office Hon. Henry Bellingham that delayed resourses and commitments including that of his government were contributing to the instability in Somalia.

Kibaki said, ” the issue of Somali remains a great challenge to us and the region we cannot be comfortable with Somali increasingly growing as a security threat.”

On his part Hon Bellingham avoided the Somali issue, but said that the new UK government was keen on intensifying existing warm bilateral ties as well as increase the trade volume between the two countries.

He noted that the UK government was also keen on resuming the funding of the Free Primary Education that continue benefiting millions of school-going children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Kenya has been on a diplomatic offensive demanding that Western governments honour their part of the deal on Somalia.