Kenya: KACC Director issues clear warning over corruption

Kenya: KACC Director issues clear warning over corruption

by / 1 Comment / 63 View / 2nd August 2010

In a brief interview with New Africa Analysis, Lumumba a long serving Constitutional Lawyer, known for his oratory skills, said, “unlike my predecessor, I have a Witness Protection law and the Anti Money Laundering Act and with that I will definitely take the fight against graft to a higher level.”

“We will collaborate with the Efficiency Monitoring Unit, the Kenya Revenue Authority, the Attorney-General’s office and other government agencies in the fight against graft,” Dr Lumumba articulated.

He declined to reveal his strategy, but hinted that he would start fighting the vice from the top and that Kenyans should expect to see the fierceness “of a lion that does not spare people without regard for public property and resources.”

As part of his strategy, Lumumba says he would develop a community based approach to fighting corruption warning parents that he would also come after them “for continually aiding their children to cheat in national exams…we (KACC) cannot fight corruption alone the entire population must be involved.”

Lumumba, who is also a Television host for an Anti-Corruption programme on the State Broadcaster, pledged that he would clean up the image of the country and that, “it was time to put Kenya on the right course.”

“I will not respond to any mosquito bite with a hammer, but I will not hesitate to use the claws of my office to ensure that the public is protected from seasoned thieves,” Lumumba warned.

Others who will serve with the seasoned lawyer will be Prof Jane Onsongo and lawyer Pravin Bowry as Assistant Directors.

John Githongo, a former AntiGraft Czar based at President Mwai Kibaki’s State House was cautious about the pledges saying, “Unless the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission laws are changed and public confidence boosted through deliberate repackaging, the new appointments may not achieve much.”

Githongo, who is currently running a reconciliation outfit in the capital Nairobi, observed that the former director of KACC resigned citing weaknesses in the law against graft which had yet to be tightened.