Kenya: On the Prime Minister’s health

Kenya: On the Prime Minister’s health

by / 2 Comments / 21 View / 29th June 2010

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been hospitalized Wed 23rd June in the capital Nairobi, in what his office maintains is fatigue. However independent authoritative sources told New Africa Analysis that he underwent a head surgery to remove a blood clot on the surface of his brain.

Though his spokesman Dennis Onyango told a press briefing in Nairobi this morning Tues 29th June, that Odinga 65, was being treated merely for ‘general exhaustion’, two medical insiders confirmed that the PM underwent a complex surgery Tues evening minutes after he booked himself in at the hospital.

One of our sources – a senior medic at Nairobi Hospital who was on duty, explains, ‘he was booked into theatre and he underwent a procedure known technically as Burr of subdural hematoma which is performed to remove a hemorrhage (blood clot) from around the surface of the brain’.

Our second source, a nurse involved in the night operation corroborates the story, ‘all I know is that he was moved from the operation room and admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for the night he is now in the private wards.’

However his office, despite questions by journalists maintained, ‘doctors have assured us that the prime minister is in good enough condition to come to the office and work as usual if he feels.’ Adding, ‘but they are not allowing that.’

Asked if the press would be allowed to have photographs of the PM as happened with previous VIPs admitted at the hospital, the spokesman said, ‘no way, keep off the hospital.’

Until now, most of the questions about the health of the country’s political leaders have been directed at President Mwai Kibaki. He disappeared from public view shortly after he was first elected in ‘02, and rumours persisted that he had suffered a stroke. His staff however, consistently denied he had suffered anything beyond minor health issues.

Odinga has been prime minister since ‘08 under a deal brokered to end months of violence after his supporters claimed he had been cheated of victory by allies of President Kibaki. Their coalition government remains shaky but both men are campaigning in favour of the new constitution ahead of a referendum due in August.