Kenya: Organisations boost adoption of wild animals

Kenya: Organisations boost adoption of wild animals

by / 8 Comments / 196 View / 13th September 2010

A wild orphaned Cheetah has been given another chance at life, following its adoption by medical insurance provider Resolution Health East Africa (RHEA). The 7 year old Cheetah was named ‘Misty Harmony’ by the company’s chief executive and staff.

RHEA has subsequently become the latest in a long line of corporate organisations to adopt a wild animal at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.  In the past, organisations such as Kenya Tourist Board, Microsoft East Africa and industrialist Manu Chandaria have all adopted animals.

In November ‘09, sporting star Usain Bolt adopted a cheetah and lion for the launch of the Namayiana Animal Adoption Programme. He paid US$ 13,700 to formally adopt the 3 month old cub which was eventually nicknamed ‘Lightning Bolt’. 

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) animal adoption programme gives corporate organisations and individuals the chance to sponsor and adopt an animal at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage. 50 per cent of donations are subsequently directed towards conservation programmes while the other half of the donation is put towards ensuring that the adopted animal’s yearly upkeep is maintained.

The programme will consequently run in concert with the KWS fund which aims to raise Sh7.5 billion (US$100 million) over a ten year period to enhance and safeguard country’s wildlife. To commemorate the upcoming launch of the KWS fund, various corporate organisations as well as the ministry of forestry recently partook in activities ranging from cleaning cages to feeding animals in Nairobi.

Commentators note that many of the country’s wild animals are at risk because of illegal hunting, changing ecological environments and dramatic changes in terms of urbanization.

Advocates maintain that the wildlife fund will subsequently mitigate wildlife conservation in the country by protecting wild animals from volatile trends.