Kenya: Torture and Detention victims compensated

Kenya: Torture and Detention victims compensated

by / 1 Comment / 38 View / 27th July 2010

The High Court awarded victims of torture and detention without trial staggering financial reparations and set a precedent that could see hundreds of victims seek similar remuneration.

In the strongest message ever to the state on the dangers of violating constitutional rights of citizens, the Court ordered immediate payment of KES40 Million (US$533,000) to compensate 21 victims of the infamous Nyayo Torture Chambers.

The victims made sworn statements in court where they recounted some of the physical and psychological atrocities they had experienced. High Judge Hannah Okwengu ruled that the government had failed to defend itself on the accusations leveled against it by the victims and touched on the violations of their fundamental rights. In her 55 page verdict Justice Okwengu observed that the 21 victims had convinced the court that they deserved the compensation.

These developments show that the country has recognized its previous faults and has overcome them successfully in order to show that she is progressing and stabilizing and that her justice system is working effectively.