Kenya: World leaders urged to act on Somalia

Kenya: World leaders urged to act on Somalia

by / 7 Comments / 18 View / 5th July 2010

President Mwai Kibaki is challenging world leaders including US President Barack Obama and South African President Jacob Zuma to act decidedly on Somalia saying the situation was deteriorating as the world watches.

President Kibaki, who made the remarks during a military cadet graduation, Wed, June 30, 2010, identified extremist insurgency and the issue of pirates as the foremost issues that required urgent interventions.

‘The deteriorating situation in Somalia has been a key security challenge. Today, this challenge has graduated from being a regional problem to a global challenge. There is now urgent need to address the twin challenges of extremist insurgency in Somalia and piracy off the Somali coastline and the Indian Ocean waters’, the President said.

He said that as he announced that Kenya would deploy more security officers at the country’s border with Somali, “to deal with the insecurity posed by the unstable neighbor.”

With regard to the ongoing East African integration process, to serve the country’s economic and security interests, President Kibaki affirmed the government’s full commitment to making operational the Eastern African Standby Brigade as per the roadmap of the African Standby Force.

The President observed that Kenya had deployed 850 soldiers as peacekeepers, military observers and staff officers in Southern Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad and Darfur.

Kibaki emphasized that the country had made great strides towards deepening cooperation with other East African countries in addition to her participation in peace keeping in troubled parts of the world.

‘The presence of cadets from Uganda who have undergone this training alongside our own cadets demonstrates my Government’s commitment to the ideals of East African integration which serves our economic and security interests’, President Kibaki said.