Sierra Leone: UN-HABITAT donates US$20,000 to disabled youth

Sierra Leone: UN-HABITAT donates US$20,000 to disabled youth

by / Comments Off / 53 View / 16th August 2010

UN-HABITAT has donated US$20,000 towards a youth led project that supports disabled youth in the West African nation.  The Handicapped Youth Development Centre which was almost closed because of lack of funding earlier this year may now breathe a sigh of relief as international funding sustains the longevity of its Disability Is Not Inability initiative.

The project which subsequently aims to assist over 300  urban disabled youth, mostly orphans, children affected by the war and vulnerable young mothers and girls will subsqeuntly benenfit form the grant through the instiutionalisation of projects that promote basic education, ICT, enterprise development and vocational skills training.

Ensuring that the best opportunities are open to the country’s disabled youth, the programme – which was selected from among 1,500 applications from 85 countries – will subsequently contribute towards sustainable urbanization by engaging in opportunities that will impact and contribute to communities in a meaningful way. 

While some prgress has eeen made towards aiding the country’s disbaled youth, critics argue that  more commitment is needed to help young people overcome the obsatcles that their disabilities create.   Mohamed Alicious, the chairman of the Handicapped Youth Development Organisation said ‘I think UN-HABITAT offers our programme a good opportunity to accelerate disabled youth development and participation. The disabled have been marginalised and waited too long for this. The time is now for us to pursue our own development. This funding will bring about many positive changes for young people living with disabilities by helping us get on track towards fulfilling our potential’.